D'Arcy J.M. Cain

Links to other sites

These are links to sites I find interesting or useful for one reason or another.


Also, see my music page.
I play lead guitar, harp and keyboard in The Cain Gang
I play bass in Fire in the Greenhouse
Big Smoke Music - My free resource for Toronto musicians


Extreme Programming
WATTCP Programmer Reference
comp.lang.c Frequently Asked Questions
Check the acknowledgements.
The Cathedral and the Bazaar
An interesting discussion on different approaches to large project software engineering by Eric S. Raymond.
INTERCAL Resources on the Web
One of the worst, and funniest, computer programming languages on the net.
Python Programming Language
Online book for learning Python
Excellent online tutorial - Not for "Dummies"
WinSock Development Information
The Annotated Annotated C Standard
Why you should ignore this book.


Internet Movie Database
A movie database on the Internet, not a
database of Internet movies.
Environment Canada Weather


The GIF Controversy: A Software Developer's Perspective
NetBSD in action
Crynwr Software
Minix Information Page
It's still an interesting little package.

Dictionaries and references

Robert's Rules of Order
Merriam-Webster Online
ARTFL Project: French-English Dictionary Form
ARTFL Project: Webster Search Form


OpenSRS - The Alternative Domain Registrar Service
W3C CSS Validation Service
IPFilter Resources of obfuscation.org
Concentric Network
CA Domain
Path and Registry Page
Information on .ca registrations.
American Registry for Internet Numbers
Merit Network
Lot's of Internet information.
Best Viewed With Any Browser
Spam abuse site
Discussions about preventing spam.
Jakob Nielsen's site
Some very interesting papers on web development.
IRC Help Page
Good place to find alternative servers.
Deja News - The Source for Internet Newsgroups!
Look yourself up.
XeniTec Consulting Services
Many links regarding Canadian Internet and UUCP connectivity.
Daryl's TCP/IP Primer
A nice little primer on the network protocol used on the Internet.
The Internet Engineering Task Force
Papers, drafts and other information about the Internet.
webreference.com (sm) - The Webmaster's Reference Library
David's Amazing Internet Services: Internet Provider Resources
Information for ISPs.
WebTechs Validation Service
A HTML validator.
A simple introduction to various Internet related topics
HTML 4.01 Reference
The Advanced HTML Resource
HTML Validator
HTML validator that takes direct input
The Apache Web Server home page


I am on the PostgreSQL developer team.
PostgreSQL Book by Bruce Momjian
SQL reference page
The Win32::ODBC FAQ

Miscellaneous links

Vybe Networks Inc.
Givex - The technology of giving
Project Jessie
Toronto Cat Rescue
Animal Alliance of Canada
World Wildlife Fund
Motorcycle rides in Ontario
North York Cosmos Soccer League
Reason Magazine
International Society for Individual Liberty
The Nizkor Project
Art of Maxfield Parrish
A short discussion of regular expressions
A Handy reference of HTML text types
Keirsey Temperament Test
I'm an ENTP bordering on INTP.
Red Meat
User Friendly
Those wacky Columbia Internet people
RFC Index
The Plan 9 Home Page
The NetBSD Home Page
NetBSD Rules.
The FreeBSD Home Page
HyperDiscordia, Confusion for a New Generation
Colourfast - a plastic card printer
Confusion for a New Generation. These guys are just wacky but in a good way.
Cybex Computer Products Corporation
How to Toilet-Train Your Cat
Free-Market.Net Home Page
MapQuest! Welcome!
Unicom Systems Development
Unix Guru Universe
Intel Secrets Monthly Edition
Window Managers for X
Ronald Reagan Quotes
Stokely Consulting
SWISH-Enhanced Digital Library SunSITE
The Toronto Internet Exchange!
GNOME Project
06-05-98 DNS Statement of Policy
GNU Zebra home page
The Mailman Mailing List Manager
FAQ - Netmask Translation Table
GigaLabs Inc. - Storage Networking Solutions
Clip Art Review
http://www.powertech.no/smurf/ - Smurf Amplifier Registry
Persistent Storage of Python Objects in Relational Databases
Anti-SPAM (UCE/Junk E.mail) Introduction
Tkinter Life Preserver
Crystal Group Inc. - Industrial Computers For Telephony and Network Server Applications
Network Operations Centers List
The Halloween Documents
SETI@home: Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at Home
F.R.E.E. The Forum for Responsible and Ethical Email
CNN - Bug slows impeachment e-mail to House members - December 16, 1998
An Introduction to Providing Your Own Telephone Wiring
MPEG . ORG - MPEG Audio Layer 3 (MP3)
The Anagram Genius Server
And Adam Knew Eve: A Dictionary of Sex in the Bible
Showcam.net - Live Feed
GTA Motorcycle.com
Ethernet Codes: Vendor codes
REASON Online: Home of REASON Magazine (REASON.COM)
Peter McWilliams's site
Simple AWK tutorial
Network Operations Centers List
Denial of Service (DoS) Attack Resource Page
Books-On-Line Home Page of 11715 Free Books
Chapter 4: Cabling
Barcode Server
The IMSAI is back
Welcome to Come As You Are
Bank of Canada: Exchange Rate Converter
Interactive/On-line SQL Tutorial
Introduction to HTML
The Unnatural Enquirer
Perspiring Minds Want To Know!
GeekTools - Whois Proxy
BSD: Linux With a Twist