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I recently had to move a few items from an office to storage. I investigated many small moving companies and decided on Movers On Demand who I found on Craigslist. I chose them because they seemed the most reasonable for the few things that I needed to move.

On the phone Kevin assured me that the cost would be $40/hour with a three hour minimum.

First they were late and I was under the gun to get stuff out. When they showed me the contract I saw that it had gone from a three hour minimum to four. A new $40 travel charge also appeared at that time. I didn't have much choice and I just sighed and prepared to eat an extra $80. I tried to contact Kevin but he was not answering.

The contract had some vague generalities about heavy stuff and appliances but I didn't worry about that because all I had was some pressboard office furniture and a bar fridge that anyone could (and did) pick up by themselves.

On arrival I was presented with the bill. Even though the total move at this point was less than two hours it was suddenly $290 plus tax. On top of the other things they charged me $30 for the bar fridge (see picture) and $60 for one of the "heavy" desks that one of the workers was moving around the truck by himself.

Even allowing for an extra hour for traveling it would have been under the three hour minimum so the $40/hour morphed into almost $100/hour.

Avoid these people like the plague. They answer the phone as Elite Moving Services so they may be playing three card monte with corporate names to avoid bad publicity. The phone number to watch out for is 416-919-6683 or 1-866-831-2553.

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