D'Arcy J.M. Cain

Professional Information

For many years I owned and operated an Internet service provider called Vex.Net. In 2015 I merged that operation into a new company called Vybe Networks Inc., an agile software development and network management company that also included the operation of Vibe Online. In October of 2023 I took over full control of Vybe. I was Chief Technology Officer for Givex Canada Corporation. Previously I was Vice President of Greenlight Communications Inc. following a stint as Vice President of Internet Canada Corporation. and their sister company Internex Online.

Before that I was a director of Planix, Inc., a company doing Unix and Networking system administration and consulting.

I have also worked for Monarch Marking Systems, a Pitney Bowes company, BDH Computer Systems, an early microcomputer systems integration and sales company as well as running my own consulting service as D'Arcy Cain Consulting.

I program in a variety of languages specializing in 'C' and Python. I also program in assembler for the PIC Processor, 8080, Z80 and iAPX family (80x86), Bourne shell, Tcl, Tcl/Tk, SQL and Progress 4GL and have some experience with BASIC, PostScript, awk, Perl and others. I am a contributor to the Usenet comp.lang.c FAQ as well as the comp.os.msdos.programmer FAQ and have been published in a compilation called "Software Solutions in C" edited by Dale Schumacher (ISBN 0-120632360-7), an honour I share with people such as Douglas A. Gwyn, Henry Spencer and others. I have done a little Winsock programming although I am not primarily a Windows programmer.

I have been involved with the NetBSD and PostgreSQL projects and I am the principal maintainer of PyGreSQL, a Python to PostgreSQL interface. In addition I have written and distributed many programs under an open source license.

For more detail see my Resume.