D'Arcy J.M. Cain

About me

Welcome to my personal home page. I am married to Carol L. Cain and live in a trailer in Cumberland, ON in the summer and travel south in the winter. We have no children but we sponsor children overseas through Foster Parents Plan of Canada.

We also used to foster cats for Toronto Cat Rescue, an organization associated with Project Jessie of Animal Alliance.

I play guitar for fun. In the sixties I had a band called The Purple Moss. We never played anywhere but my basement and only played the one song, Louie, Louie. Recently I have revived my music "career" and have formed a new band and joined another. More information on my music can be found on my music page.

I am a computer programmer. I am a partner in Vybe Networks Inc.. I enjoy travelling with my wife.

That's an old picture of me. Hover over it to see what I look like now.

In case you need me next week, here's my schedule.

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A Fortune

Those who sweat in flames of hell, Leaden eared, some thought their bowels
Here's the reason that they fell: Lispeth forth the sweetest vowels.
While on earth they prayed in SAS, These they offered up in praise
PL/1, or other crass, Thinking all this fetid haze
Vulgar tongue. A rhapsody sung.

Some the lord did sorely try Jabber of the mindless horde
Assembling all their pleas in hex. Sequel next did mock the lord
Speech as crabbed as devil's crable Slothful sequel so enfangled
Hex that marked on Tower Babel Its speaker's lips became entangled
The highest rung. In his bung.

Because in life they prayed so ill
And offered god such swinish swill
Now they sweat in flames of hell
Sweat from lack of APL
Sweat dung!